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Bulk order Mask Exemption cards and lanyards


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[su_note note_color=”#ffe2de” radius=”9″]This is the product page for bulk orders of the Mask Exempt ID Card and Lanyard.

If you would like to purchase a smaller quantity please visit the original Mask Exempt ID Card product page.[/su_note]


  • Order ‘Mask Exempt’ ID cards and lanyards in bulk – perfect for businesses, organisations, workplaces, schools, colleges and more
  • Quick to put on and easy to read – it communicates someone’s mask exemption from a safe distance
  • Lightweight and pocket-sized – it can be carried in a coat or bag
  • Durable, long-lasting design and made from recycled materials. The ID card is made of waterproof acrylic (like a credit card), it is not paper or cardboard like some other copycat products.
  • Includes both a printed lanyard ribbon and detachable plastic ID card (badge clips sold separately below)
  • Card is reversible, one side has our logo, the other has not. Allowing you to add your company branding.

Image has a blue background with the Disability Horizons logo in the top left corner, with text which reads "As seen on itv NEWS"

Our mask exemption card comes on a lanyard. It is a durable, portable pass that someone can wear around their neck while travelling, in shops and or anywhere they need to.

It provides drivers and staff with immediate and simple-to-understand information regarding their mask exemption.

Now available to purchase in bulk – the Disability Horizons mask exempt ID card and lanyard.

You can choose:

  • 50 x Mask Exempt ID cards and lanyards
  • 100 x Mask Exempt ID cards and lanyards
  • 200 x Mask Exempt ID cards and lanyards
  • 300 x Mask Exempt ID cards and lanyards
  • Additionally, you can purchase badge clips (for attaching ID card to coats, shirts etc) in bulk, at 30p per item cost.

All the face mask exemption cards with lanyards come fully assembled.

All cards are sent next day DPD delivery. Dispatch and delivery from your order date currently take around 2 working days.


For more information on the face mask exemptions and who they apply to, visit our dedicated article. 

[su_note note_color=”#ffe2de” radius=”9″]Want to order a single Mask Exempt ID card and lanyard?[/su_note]

New rules require people to wear a face covering or mask on public transport, in shops and a number of other indoor settings – visit our article on face mask exemptions for more details. If someone doesn’t adhere to the rules, they can be fined £100 or more for not doing so.

But, if they have a medical condition or disability that makes it difficult for them to wear one, they can self-certify as being exempt from having to wear one.

To help ensure disabled people don’t get fined when they’re genuinely exempt, we’ve created an exemption card.

The bright red lanyard has ‘MASK EXEMPT’ written in white capital letters. The credit card-sized ID badge further explains their mask exemption as being due to a “disability/health condition”. Both can be shown and read at a safe distance.

The pocked-sized design of the ID card and lanyard means it can be stored in a coat or bag making it easy to access.

The lanyard is 20mm wide and made of recycled materials. It has a ‘safety break’ clip that detaches in case the lanyard gets caught or tangled. It can also be easily reclosed. The ID card comes in an open-faced ID cardholder.

Please note that although our card gives an easy visual aid to staff of your exemption, as people can self-certify, it’s not an absolute guarantee that someone won’t be stopped or asked for more information. 

These cards are ONLY designed for people with a GENUINE ‘legitimate or reasonable reason‘ for not wearing a mask, as listed under Government guidelines. If you do not have a valid reason, you’re likely to be fined.

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50 x Mask Exempt ID and lanyard, 100 x Mask Exempt ID and lanyard, 200 x Mask Exempt ID and lanyard, 300 x Mask Exempt ID and lanyard, 50 x badge clip only, 100 x badge clip only, 200 x Badge clip only, 300 x Badge clip only

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