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Everything is Possible – ebook by Disability Horizons founder Martyn Sibley


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Everything is Possible (…when you believe!) is an autobiographical travel memoir written by Disability Horizons founder Martyn Sibley.

The book follows Martyn from his youth growing-up in St Ives, to his jet-setting adventures across the globe – crossing continents to take-part in endless escapades.

Everything is Possible is the book for everyone who has the determination to do what everyone says simply isn’t possible.

[su_quote]Have you ever wanted to do something people told you was impossible? Then this book is for you.[/su_quote]

After growing up on a diet of Michael Palin’s tv travels, Martyn Sibley realised there was more out there than the flat fields of Cambridge.
With the help of a ragged band of PA’s, a wheelchair charger, and a dangerous amount of determination, Martyn set off on a series of travel adventure that took him form the warm waters of Mexico, to the snowy peaks of Catalonia.

Image is a photographic portrait of Martyn Sibley, smiling directly at the camera whilst wearing a black shirt with epaulets.Martyn Sibley is an author, adventurer and entrepreneur.
He is co-founder of Disability Horizons shop and online magazine, promoting positivity in the disability world.
He also co-founded Accomable – an accessible accommodation website.
Martyn travels the world talking about accessible travel and disability rights, blogging regularly at martynsibley.com

He’s also a music festival lover, and a devoted Tottenham supporter, but we won’t hold that against him!

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