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Genuine brass RADAR keys for disabled toilets (two sizes) | The RADAR Key Company


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  • Genuine approved, RADAR NKS keys made of solid brass – tested and inspected by British Locksmiths
  • Can unlock over 20,000 disabled toilets nationwide
  • Two head-sizes available – small to make it compact and large for better grip
  • The key has a raised edge making it more identifiable for the visually impaired
  • Made in Britain by the RADAR Key Company

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Our high-quality solid brass RADAR keys allow you access to over 20,000 accessible toilets nationwide. The disabled toilet in your local supermarket, restaurant or leisure centre should be easily accessed with a RADAR key, without the need to ask for permission.

Whether you have a physical or hidden disability, a RADAR key provides you peace of mind and dignity whilst out and about.

Identifying a real RADAR key

These solid brass, Gold Standard keys are manufactured by The Radar Key Company in Britain. The keys have always been and remain, reliable, accurate and very easy to grip.

A real RADAR Key Company Key can be identified by checking if it says “Radar Key Company”, which our solid brass keys do. If not, then it is not a genuine RADAR Key Company key.

The benefits of having a RADAR key

The keys have to reliably work every single time, on whichever lock they are inserted into, because the disabled person rarely has another toilet locally which they can use, while the alternatives are distressing.

We have two head-sizes of RADAR key available – the smaller head is more compact and easy to store, and the larger head provides better grip and leverage for those with limited dexterity.

The RADAR key features include:

  • a unique handle with raised edges for extra grip
  • octagonal shaft for easy identification by feel.
  • no sharp weld flash to cut fingers or obstruct insertion into lock
  • one piece- no potential weak points from welding error.
  • fully rounded nose to aid easy insertion into lock.
  • bevelled keystop to aid removal from door.

Every single key is tested on two different Radar locks by a British master locksmith.

Who is eligible for a RADAR key?

Qualification is by self certification. You must have a mental or physical disability which is helped by using the key to access the specialist facilities available in accessible or Changing Places toilets plus countryside walks/ accessible routes within buildings.

Check out a review of the Genuine brass RADAR keys from our amazing in house reviewer Zec!

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