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Surefoot® bath and shower board


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  • Easy to assemble and fit, the Kingfisher® white bath board gives a secure fix that won’t slip
  • White bath board is designed to seamlessly fit within your existing décor
  • Locking brackets for a safe secure fit every time
  • Integral optional handle gives added stability when transferring and while seated
  • The slatted shower board enables drainage
  • Weight capacity – 200kg/31stone
  • Width adjustable bath/shower board to fit baths 65.5cm to 70.5cm (26.25″ to 28.25″) wide

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Scroll down for more information and video demonstration.

Getting in and out of the bath can be quite a balancing act for any of us. However, by choosing a bath/shower board, you will gain the confidence to sit over your bath to wash, or get down into the bath to stretch out and soak.

Being able to sit can greatly reduce your chance of slipping over. As a result, you will be able to enjoy bathing safely and easily again with our Surefoot® bath/shower board.

This hygienic bath/shower board is wider than a conventional bath board and easily adjusted to fit the majority of baths safely. The bathing aid is for use on top of the bath for bathing in comfort. If you have an over-bath shower, you can simply sit on it to take a shower, avoiding having to stand up for a long period.

Width adjustable like the Kingfisher®, the extra wide Surefoot® gives you more space when having a relaxing wash.

Easy to install and maintain, the Surefoot® bath/shower board is simple to assemble and fix in 3 steps – no tools required:

  1. Push the brackets out 
  2. Lock them down 
  3. Secure from the top 

The optional safety handle gives extra stability when changing position. Reassuringly by your side every time you wash.

The bath/shower board seat is ideal for people with reduced mobility or reduced strength to safely transfer, and you have the ability to sit unsupported/unaided.

Because of this the bath/shower board is not suitable for users who are unable to sit without support.

Please Note: This bath board is not suitable for a corner bath. It is not recommended that it be fitted where there is an overlap of more than 25mm.

You can use the bath/shower board to transfer safely down into the bath, or in conjunction with a bath seat.


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