Supreno extra-strength disposable nitrile gloves


  • Super durable, extra-strong gloves – exceptionally tough, yet ensuring comfort
  • Extra-long design (24.5 cm) – ensures the whole hand and wrist are covered
  • Protects hands against viruses, micro-organisms and chemicals
  • Excellent, tight fit – helps with dexterity when completing tasks
  • Textured fingers for tactile sensitivity whilst also ensuring grip
  • Created from Nitrile – a synthetic rubber that is both latex-free and powder-free
  • Comes in boxes of 100 extra-large and has a shelf-life of three years

Laboratory-standard, clinically-trusted and super-tough disposable nitrile gloves that are suitable for care home staff, health care facilities or personal assistants and carers. They help minimise the risk of infection from coronavirus/Covid-19 for both the key worker and the person they care for.

The extra-thick and durable Supreno gloves offer exceptional protection from not only viruses and micro-organisms, but also a variety of dangerous chemicals. The Supreno gloves ensure reliable splash protection against biohazards, such as bodily fluids, as well as an extensive range of chemicals.

Made from high-grade, robust nitrile for hand and wrist protection, whilst textured fingertips provide a tactile experience and a sure grip.

To ensure the whole hand and wrist is covered and protected, the Supreno medical gloves are 24.55 cm long – these soft and comfortable, yet durable gloves provide robust defence against not only viruses and bacteria, but all liquids, and medical splashes.

These gloves come in boxes of 100 Medium, Large and extra-large (XL). For other sizes, take a look at the similarly thick Protect gloves. If you’re looking for a more lightweight, comfortable fit for day-to-day use, try the Comfort gloves.

Standards: PPE III / AQL 0.65 / EN 374-2 Level 3 / EN374-3 Type B / EN16523-1 (splash protection) / EN455 parts 1,2,3 / ASTM F1671 / EN 420 / PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 / ISO 11193-1

These gloves have been sourced by the Disability Horizons Shop from a reputable PPE supplier.

If you’re not sure what type of PPE is best for you, your family or health and care workers, visit our comprehensive guide to personal protective equipment.


Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


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