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  • packaging for Cat Tongue Grip Tape

    Cat Tongue non-abrasive grip tape

    The revolutionary new Cat Tongue Grip Tape that is not only non-abrasive and latex-free, but can be washed – providing endless uses for making items non-slip and easier to grip.

    Now available in 100% recyclable, black.

    The Cat Tongue Tape is self-adhesive, and can be attached to almost any surface or item – making everyday objects such as remote controls, mobile phones and cups are immediately grippable and less likely to slip from your hand whilst in use.

    Grip tape that is non-abrasive for household use is very hard to find in the UK. Additionally, the Cat Tongue Grip Tape is entirely latex-free, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin or latex allergies. The non-abrasive qualities of the Cat Tongue Grip Tape make it kinder to skin, and will not irritate or rub when used frequently.

    • Made in the USA
    • Latex-free, recyclable material
    • Large size – 2” wide x 10’ long roll.
    • Non-abrasive grip tape
    • Now Available in Black

    The Black cat tape is also:

    • 100% recyclable.