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Power wheelchair battery isolator for air travel


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Immobilise electrical mobility equipment using two Anderson Connector end cap – ideal for air travel, the Anderson Connector is an economical and practical way to ensure your power chair or electrical mobility scooter is immobilised whilst in-flight. See below for product description below for details of how to use.

Available in 4 different sizes – fits most chairs, check your required plug size.

  • 50A – May come in black or red
  • 120A
  • 175A
  • 350A

The Aviation Authority now requires you to immobile electrical mobility equipment as standard, so it is important that you equip your wheelchair with an immobilisation device to ensure you can travel undisrupted.

This pair of two Anderson Connector covers fit internally to the SB-50, SB-175 and SB-350 wheelchair batteries, and features a wire lanyard which can be attached to the chair to avoid getting lost when not in use.

If these do not fit your chair you may return them for a refund.

Pack includes two caps, which fit most of the popular wheelchair batteries (eg Invacare).

Most airlines now ask power chair users to isolate the battery on their electric wheelchair before take off. The best and easiest way to do this is to plug in these caps. You need to disconnect the battery by disconnecting the two black leads as shown. The two caps supplied then fit safely and securely onto these ends.

Image 1/3: Do not connect the red connectors until the black are connected.

When you have fitted them you can hand your chair over to the airport boarding staff at check-in or just before take-off. If you don’t use these caps the airport staff may wrap the plugs with tape. This is very difficult to get off at the other end and may even damage your chair.


50A, 120A, 175A, 350A

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