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Topple Tray single-handed serving tray

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  • The Topple Tray is a new and improved design of the Tipsi Tray, it’s much smaller, lightweight and portable.
  • Weighs 750g

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The Topple Tray – a single-handed serving tray – is a new and improved design of the Tipsi Tray, it’s much smaller, lightweight and portable.

Weighing in at 750 grams (26.5 ounces), this no-spill tray is 50% lighter than the original Tipsi Tray. The Topple Tray is easier to carry and more functional with a comfortable stainless steel handle.

Rather than removing the handle, the Topple Tray has a folding and locking handle that folds down on top of the tray and locks in an upright position simply by sliding the tube down into place. When folded, the Topple Tray is thin and easy to store and when the handle is upright, is strong and secure.

With the magic of physics, carrying drinks has never been easier and safer. Keep a spare hand free to hold a bannister on stairs, use a walking stick or mobility aid, open doors or carry other items.

It is held from above allowing drinks and food to swing beneath. The swinging
motion of the tray counteracts the sloshing or movement of items on the tray keeping them completely balanced. Super intuitive with no practice needed.

The Topple Tray has a removable neoprene cover, which simply lifts off the grippy rubber surface for a metallic tray beneath depending on your style or use.

The Topple Tray is an excellent alternative to traditional trays for people with conditions that cause shaky hands or tremors, such as Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy.

It also benefits those with a limb difference or has the use of only one arm, have been affected by a stroke or anyone needing to use a walking stick or handrail to steady themselves with one hand whilst carrying a tray with the other.

Watch the Topple Tray in action:


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