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Extreme Grip Adhesive Mats


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  • Creates a strong tacky surface which will help to prevent all movement
  • Ideal for high movement areas such as motorhomes, cars or boat interiors
  • Can be washed with ease
  • Will adhere to a surface instantly, creating a strong non-slip surface
  • Measuring 20cm x 20cm with a material thickness of 3.7mm

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The Tenura Extreme Super Grip Adhesive Mats are a versatile and practical solution for preventing items from sliding or falling off of surfaces. Made from high-quality silicone rubber, these mats feature an extreme super grip adhesive backing that allows them to stick securely to a variety of surfaces, including table tops, trays, boat decks, car dashboards, and more.

These mats are an excellent choice for boaters and anyone who spends time on the move, as they can be used to prevent items from falling off surfaces when the boat or vehicle is in motion. They are also an ideal choice for anyone looking to keep items in place on a table or tray, making them an ideal solution for restaurants, cafeterias, and other food service settings.

With their extreme grip and adhesive backing, these mats are designed to stay firmly in place, even in wet or damp conditions. They are also easy to clean and maintain, but are suitable handwashing only

Overall, the Tenura Extreme Super Grip Adhesive Mats are a practical and reliable solution for preventing items from sliding or falling off surfaces. Their high-quality construction, extreme grip, and adhesive backing make them a worthwhile investment for anyone concerned about safety and convenience.

Available in two colour choices, at a size of 20cm x 20cm, clear for a more aesthetic appeal, and green for the more visually impaired, or for people who just like green! Each mat weighs 140g.


  • Tray liners
  • Vehicles, mobile homes and boat interiors
  • Holding objects firm where movement, jolting and/or tipping is likely

Green, Clear

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