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Bed wedge mattress lifter – Solid Oak

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Beautiful functional sustainable bed wedge for tucking in sheets and covers. Designed to last for many lifetimes – Exclusive to Disability Horizons Shop!

  • Save your back by using our solid oak Bed Wedge mattress lifter to help tuck in sheets and bedding when making the bed
  • Made in a workshop in Newark-on-Trent, UK – The Bed Wedge mattress lifter is built to last using solid oak and every purchase supports British manufacturing.
  • Lightweight – Weighs just 400g!
  • The inclined wedge design separates and lifts the mattress as it slides in, reducing strain on your body when twisting and lifting a mattress to tuck in the sheet. 
  • The curved handle design allows you to grip the Bed Wedge mattress lifter at a natural wrist position providing greater comfort, strength and transfer of energy.
  • The level ledge holds the mattress in a raised position, alleviating pressure to your spine and leaving both hands free to make the bed.

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Today’s thicker, heavier mattresses can make changing the sheets and making a bed not only difficult but also painful.

With the Bed Wedge mattress lifter, you can make your bed independently and with ease, protect your back and avoid the stress of lifting heavy mattresses.

Made from solid oak in a workshop here in Newark-on-trent, the Bed Wedge mattress lifter is stylish and built to last a lifetime.

With an angled, ergonomic design it effortlessly lifts the mattress as the device is inserted between the mattress and box spring.

The mattress is then held safely in an elevated position on the ledge giving ample working room to tuck in sheets, blankets and other bedding.

The product is light and easy to use, at just 400g. Take control and make your own bed with ease!



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Dimensions 43 × 10 × 16 cm

Solid Oak


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