Disposable PPE medical face mask


  • Disposable 3-ply face mask to help protect the wearer and others from large droplets being expelled from someone with Covid-19
  • Adjustable nose wire and earloops to provide a safer, tighter fit
  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathable
  • Ergonomic, pleated design, standard one-size-fits-all – for adults and children over 3 years old
  • Each mask can be used up to 6 hours, depending on the circumstances.

Practical, single-use medical face masks, suitable for care home staff, health care facilities or personal assistants and carers. They help minimise the risk of infection from coronavirus/Covid-19 for both the key worker and the person they care for.

Hypoallergenic, breathable and compact, these lightweight face masks are designed to fit across the mouth, nose and jaw to provide everyday protection.

Each is made with an adjustable nose wire built into the fabric of the mask, along with robust ear loop elastics to provide safer, full-lower face coverage and ensure it’s being worn in the correct way. The disposable, flat, lightweight design also means that you easily carry them.

Made from reliable, fully-tested 3-ply materials, these disposable face masks can help prevent the spread of Covid-19 from droplets coughed, sneezed or expelled when talking. They also aid the prevention of direct inhalation of pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and any spray of bodily fluids.

This particular style of medical mask can be used for children over 3 years old. These masks will span the entirety of your child’s mouth, nose and jaw area, and the lightweight design and ergonomic pleated fit allow room to breathe more easily. But do not use them if they have any issues with breathing.

These masks are sold as single masks (repackaged in a clean environment using a mask and gloves) or packs of 50 in sealed boxes.

Please note this product is in stock, but in high demand.

Government guidance recommends cloth face masks for the general public, while medical/surgical face masks are reserved for health and social care workers.

These products are being sold to help people with carers and personal assistants, or for smaller care agencies or organisations who are finding it difficult to obtain appropriate PPE from other sources.

We also support people with disabilities, health conditions or those in ‘clinically vulnerable’ groups and their families who wish to choose a higher level of personal protection than the Government is recommending for the general public. 

Please scroll down for advice on Direct Payment or Continuing Healthcare budgets to help pay for PPE, and links to further reading on what PPE to choose, how to wear face masks and safely disposing of PPE.

These masks have been sourced by the Disability Horizons Shop from a reputable PPE supplier.


These products are being supplied to help people who employ carers and personal assistants who are finding it difficult to obtain face masks from their local authorities, healthcare agencies or online.

Government advice is that the general public should use cloth face masks, and that medical masks, face shields, visors and filtration masks are reserved for health and social care workers.

We also support people with disabilities, health conditions or those in ‘clinically vulnerable’ groups and their families who wish to choose a higher level of personal protection than the Government is recommending for the general public.

Due to the unprecedented changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government has allowed flexible use of Direct Payments and Continuing Healthcare budgets.

If you employ any assistants or staff for your care, this includes the ability for you to buy PPE. Please check with local guidance to see if this applies to you and your Direct Payment or Continuing Healthcare budget.

Can I use my direct payment to buy PPE for PAs I employ?

If your existing direct payment contains funding to purchase PPE for your PA, you should continue to use that funding to purchase PPE. If you, or your PA, cannot obtain PPE in this way, or your direct payment is not set up to fund PPE, you should ask for assistance from the local authority or CCG that provides your direct payment who should help you to get the PPE you require.Department of Health & Social Care

If you’re not sure what type of PPE is best for you, your family or health and care workers, visit our comprehensive guide to personal protective equipment.

Make sure you watch the World Health Organisations’ videos on putting on a face mask, and read the Government guidance on how to safely dispose of PPE and face masks.

Single or box of 50

1, 50

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