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PPE full-face shield visor – UK made

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  • Full-face shield/visor designed for medical settings and made in the UK
  • Offers protection for the eyes, mouth and nose against droplets and bodily fluids
  • Anti-fog treatment both inside and outside of the shield – ensuring a clear, undistorted view
  • Ergonomic and comfortable – latex-free foam padding reduces pressure on the temples
  • Secure, contoured fit – velcro adjustable, one-size-fits-all, with ear contouring
  • Reusable and easy to clean – robust enough to be reused after cleaning with antibacterial products
  • CE Marked and made in the UK
  • Due to a generous gift to the DH Shop of excess stock from Hydrant For Health, we now have these quality faceshields at a rock bottom sale price

This reusable and reliable full-face shield/visor is suitable for care home staff, health care facilities or personal assistants and carers. They help minimise the risk of infection for both the key worker and the person they care for.

Made in the UK from high-quality materials, it will shield your entire face – including your mouth, nose and eyes – from large droplets from sneezes and coughs, along with liquids and bodily fluids.

It gives you 180 degrees of protection, is scratch-resistant, transparent and also anti-fog, to help provide clear vision and peace of mind during any tasks you need to undertake. The robust design also means it can be cleaned with antibacterial products, and reused over-and-over again.

It has been designed with both comfort and safety in mind. The ergonomic design, teamed with latex-free foam forehead padding and velcro-adjustable headband, provide a secure yet comfortable fit.

Please note that although this shield will protect you and the person you’re caring for from large droplets, they don’t filter out the smaller particles. However, they can be paired with a filtration mask.

Please note this product is in stock, but in high demand.

For orders of 60 or more, please contact for bulk pricing and shipping rates.


We are pleased to offer this face shield made by one of our reputable suppliers, Hydrate For Health, in the UK.

Initially produced in response to a call out to UK businesses to supply for the NHS, this full face shield is now available for the public, schools and care homes.

By purchasing this product you are supporting UK businesses and employees who have switched production to PPE to help during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These products are being supplied to help people who employ carers and personal assistants who are finding it difficult to obtain face masks from their local authorities, healthcare agencies or online.

We also support people with disabilities, health conditions or those in ‘clinically vulnerable’ groups and their families who wish to choose a higher level of personal protection than the Government is recommending for the general public.

If you’re not sure what type of PPE is best for you, your family or health and care workers, visit our comprehensive guide to personal protective equipment.

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