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PICC line cover with access pocket – range of sizes and designs


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  • Made-to-order cloth cover for your PICC, Broviac, Hickman, Portacath or central tine line.
  • Features a small pocket for easy access to your line without having to remove the cover during treatment, keeping the line safe and clean.
  • Soft and stretchy for comfort and ease of use.

Click the design option to see a photo of that design. To pick the right size, see the size guide at the bottom of the page.

Sewing Chronically is a brand made by and for disabled and chronically ill people. Sewing Chronically strives to create comfortable and durable products that will last through your treatment and provide you some custom style.

Suitable for PICC line, Broviac lines, Hickman lines, Portacath lines, or central tine line. Sizes are based on measurements around your PICC site:

  • XS-8.5-9.5″
  • S-9.5-10.5″
  • M-10.5-11.5″
  • L-11.5-12.5″
  • XL-12.5-14″

The Sewing Chronically products are made to order by the team in Canada, so delivery is likely to take around two weeks.




X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Black, Black with Flowers, Birds, Red Galaxy, Purple Galaxy, Teal Galaxy, Checkered, Cookies, Roses, Leaves

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