Genuine brass RADAR keys for disabled toilets (two sizes)

£4.95£9.00 Inc. VAT

Genuine Radar Keys allow you to access disabled toilets anywhere, at any time.

The RADAR key can unlock more than 10,000 wheelchair accessible and disabled toilets nationwide immediately, without having to find a key-holder or ask permission to access the toilet. Whether you have a physical or hidden disability, the RADAR key provides peace of mind and dignity whilst out and about.

Designed with an octagonal shaft to make them instantly identified by touch, and crafted to be reliable and durable.

These are genuine, approved RADAR NKS keys – made of solid brass, tested and inspected by British Locksmiths. This makes them far superior to cheap Chinese-imported fakes (distinguishable by their red, plastic key head).

We have two head-sizes of RADAR key available – the smaller head is more compact and easy to store, and the larger head provides better grip and leverage for those with limited dexterity.


Check out a review of the Genuine brass RADAR keys from our amazing in house reviewer Zec!

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Key Head Size

Small, Large, OFFER: 2 x Large Head RADAR Keys for £9, OFFER: 2 x Small Head RADAR Keys for £9

Video Review

Click here to read Zec’s Radar Key review – or watch the video below:


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