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Folding travel grabber stick

£16.00 Inc. VAT

Made in the UK, this easy to use, versatile reacher is designed to grab items without bending or straining

  • Featuring an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and a Gripcert ® jaw.
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Magnet for picking up small metal objects.
  • Designs so the reacher can attach to a walking aid.
  • Every reacher comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Folds in half for easy storage and travel.

This multi-purpose folding grabber is ideal for picking up everyday items if bending or reaching is difficult to do. This handy grabber will make life much easier when reaching for things on the top shelf or down off the floor.

They are ideal for individuals with limited hand strength. Especially useful when travelling and need to reach toll booths in countries that drive on the left. It has a magnetic tip for picking up small metal objects and an easy action trigger designed to help with dressing.

UK VAT exemption available for those with qualifying conditions


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