Buttons 2 Button – adaptive no-sew magnetic buttons

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  • No-sew magnetic button adaptors – allows for independent, dignified dressing if you have dexterity issues and physical disabilities
  • Quick and simple to install – adapt traditional buttons on your favourite shirts and blouses in minutes
  • Reusable and machine washable – can be transferred between garments depending on season and style choice
  • Freedom to choose your own fashion – simple solution broadens clothing and style options for your every day, business or evening wear wardrobe.

These Buttons 2 Button magnetic buttons can be fitted to almost any shirt or blouse with ease, and totally removes the fuss and stress of difficult-to-close buttons.

This makes them an ideal dressing aid if you have dexterity issues or physical disabilities. Once fitted to your favourite garment, the no-sew Button 2 Buttons allow you to dress and undress effortlessly, with dignity and independence.

They can also be machine washed and reused again and again on other garments by simply switching them over.

Initial fitting of the magnetic buttons will require some fine motor skills, and the Buttons 2 Button adaptive button kit is suitable for buttons larger than 9.5mm in diameter and smaller than 13mm in diameter.

Please be advised that the Buttons 2 Button magnetic buttons work best with loose-fitting garments, and stress points at the neck, chest or stomach will cause the shirt or blouse to open.

Not suitable for those with pacemakers or implanted defibrillators.

Not suitable for children or those with learning difficulties due to swallowing and choking hazards.

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