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  • CRIPPLE – A 21st Century Parable by Nick Maynard – Digital copy

    • Cripple – First Broken Book – A 21st Century Parable by Nick Maynard
    • Cripple was one of ten books selected to be published by Pen to Print, as part of The 2019 Book Challenge, giving voice to unheard writers with unique stories.
    • Digital copy delivered as a PDF via email after purchase

    What happens when the boundaries between the virtual and the physical get blurred?

    About the book

    Set in Manchester in 2003. Jonathan is a twenty-two year old quadriplegic and Carol is his mother and carer. From their windows they both see a young man at a bus stop. From their windows they both independently embark on fantasy relationships with the young man.

    This is a parable for the 21 st Century that explores the concept of virtual relationships and asks questions about their validity. Are these relationships any less real or meaningful than the ones we choose to conduct in the physical world? What if we can’t conduct ‘traditional’ relationships? Does that mean we shouldn’t look for alternative ways to fall in love?

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  • Image shows a book standing upright with cover art for Martyn Sibley's "Everything is Possible" book. In the top righthand corner there is a promotional rosette with text which reads "e-book digital download" and in the bottom right corner is the multi-coloured logo for Disability Horizons books.

    Everything is Possible – ebook by Disability Horizons founder Martyn Sibley

    Everything is Possible (…when you believe!) is an autobiographical travel memoir written by Disability Horizons founder Martyn Sibley.

    The book follows Martyn from his youth growing-up in St Ives, to his jet-setting adventures across the globe – crossing continents to take-part in endless escapades.

    Everything is Possible is the book for everyone who has the determination to do what everyone says simply isn’t possible.