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  • Image is a photograph of a woman's hand with dusky pink painted nails, gripping the guidance handle of a Ramble Tag worn around the top of a guide's arm

    Ramble Tag guidance aid

    • This Ramble Tag guidance aid is designed to be worn on the upper arm of a guide.
    • Created to increase pleasure and independence for blind and visually impaired people while walking with a sighted guide
    • Enhances security, safety and comfort with easy-grip handle
    • A great alternative to physical contact, while allowing for free movement
    • Water resistant, weatherproof, lightweight and breathable
    • Featuring modern ‘Spacetec’ soft grip handle and two Velcro adjustable straps
    • The Ramble Tag is available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. See below for details.

    The Ramble Tag was designed by two neighbours, Tom and Laura, after they found holding the guide’s arm was becoming rather difficult, uncomfortable and unsafe when walking their dogs together. They wanted a guiding aid that can be used in a variety of settings such as outdoor walks, running, using public transport or attending music or sport events.

    So, rather than holding the guide’s elbow, wrist or hand, the visually impaired person can hold a handle attached to the Ramble Tag that is strapped comfortable to the guide’s upper arm.

    This device is perfect for blind and visually impaired people to use when requiring assistance to board a plane, train or ferry, guided to their seat at a theatre or stadium or when doing outdoor activities such as walking or running, and don’t want to have direct contact with the member of staff or the public guiding them.

    The Ramble Tag comes in four styles: Original, Extra Large, Small and Metro. The Extra Large has a bigger circumference to the original. The Small is best suited for children and people who go running with a guide. The Metro is the same size as the Original but is even more compact in size and can easily be stuck in a pocket, or bag.

    Please note:

    Although we specify LEFT or RIGHT, they can be worn on either arm.  This design specification is just for ease when putting it on yourself.

    The Ramble Tag is not a lifting device.

    Never put your whole hand through the loop.

    Do not use on escalators.

    Wipe clean or hand wash with gentle soap.

    14 day refund on returns

    Check out our interview with the Ramble Tag co-creator Tom Forsyth.

    UK VAT exemption available for those with qualifying conditions UK VAT exemption available for those with qualifying conditions

    Read below for styles, sizes and colours: