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OneWaySlide Cushion – anti slide and pressure relief wheelchair cushion

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The OneWaySlide Cushion is a wheelchair cushion that helps prevent sliding forward in your chair. It is designed to keep your posture upright and you feeling comfy in your wheelchair.

Its amazing loop design allows movement in only one direction while sitting in your wheelchair, helping users to maintain their upright posture without sliding or slipping forward. This prevents back discomfort as well as digestive or respiratory problems that may be caused by poor posture.

The comfortable ‘fleece’ covered cushion is provided with a foam pad inside for extra comfort and pressure relief. Gel packs (not included) can also be inserted inside the cushion for superior comfort.

  • The loop design and “one-way slide” fabric prevents slumping or slipping whilst sitting, maintaining your posture
  • Minimises back discomfort as well as other posture related problems
  • Extra comfort is provided by a foam filled fleece cover

Make sure to remove the foam pad before washing. The OneWaySlide Cushion can be washed at temperatures between 40⁰C and 80⁰C, and should be pulled to shape when damp. Do not tumble dry.

Exact dimensions can be found below.

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Out of stock

Full OneWaySlide Cushion: Length: 560cm  Width: 420cm

Fleece Cushion Section: Length: 430cm  Width: 420cm

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