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Face mask exemption card and social distancing sign review

Zec Richardson is a blogger and reviewer at Satonmybutt and will be part of our in-house team taking a closer look at some of our products. Today he is reviewing the face mask exemption and social distancing cards.

A few months ago, Disability Horizons created two completely new products that are, in my opinion, must-haves during the Covid-19 pandemic for people with a disability, chronic or mental health condition.

The social distancing sign – a card on a brightly-coloured lanyard – gives people an immediate indication that they need to observe the two-metre distancing rule.

If you can’t wear a face mask because of your condition, the face mask exception card lets people know about your exemption at a safe distance.

Social distancing card and lanyard

Social distancing card badge

The social distancing card is a great product if you have a health condition that puts you at a higher risk if you were to catch Covid-19.

The red lanyard has ‘KEEP 2M DISTANCE’ in white in repetition and is easily spotted from a distance.

The card, which further explains your need for social distancing, would probably require someone to get closer than two metres (particularly if, like me, they wear glasses), so the idea is that the lanyard does the job on its own.

Face mask exemption card

Face mask exemption card

The face mask exemption card has been very handy for me. I wore a face mask several months ago when I visited the pharmacy at the end of our road to collect my meds. It ended up triggering my post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and I was a mess by the time I got out.

So for me and many other people, it is not possible to wear a face mask. This can be because of a mental health condition, like me, or a physical one – visit the Government website for a full list of exemptions. There are also further details on the listing for the face mask exception card itself.

Zec in his wheelchair wearing the face mask exemption card heading into a hospital

It proved very useful a week ago when I went to have a blood test. I expected to be asked why I wasn’t wearing a face mask – but I wasn’t asked once!

This card is not an official exemption card as everyone can self-certify as exempt, so there is a chance you could be asked. But that is okay if it is an official or employee of a store and not just Mr Angry who thinks he is the face mask police!

The lanyard does a great job of telling people from a distance that you have a reason and it is not that you just refuse to wear a face mask.

People in the queue, security, the receptionists and the staff who were taking the blood didn’t say a word and didn’t even react, which made it very easy for me.

Video review of the social distancing sign and face mask exemption card

The face mask exception card costs £4.95 for the card and lanyard – I recommend getting both – and £5.95 if you would like a badge option as well – this could be useful to hold the card in place with the lanyard.

The social distancing sign costs the same – £4.95 for both and £5.95 for the badge clip as well.

By Zec Richardson

If you have enjoyed this review, check out Zec’s YouTube Channel and his website. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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