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Stylish folding walking stick and bag

£34.00£40.00 Inc. VAT

Stand out from the crowd with a bright walking stick from the Blue Badge Company paired with its stylish and compact storage bags.

It snaps open and folds neatly for easy storage. It’s small enough to pack into a handbag or large pocket, and are ideal for dining out or travelling.

The neat little bag features a press-stud fastener to stop the stick from slipping out and a handy D-ring to hang from a coat hook or easily clip onto a handbag or wheelchair.

No need to adjust the stick height before folding away, and it’s quick and easy to reassemble.

Made from high quality, lightweight aluminium with rubber, non-slip ferrule and a Canadian maple wood handle.

Available in quirky British patterns and pretty floral classics, choose a print to really reflect your personality!

With designs suitable for men and women, our Blue Badge Co folding walking sticks are the perfect travelling companion. The stick easily folds away into coordinating carry case, keeping it protected and discreet.

Packaged in a specially designed gift box.

UK VAT exemption available for those with qualifying conditions

Scroll down below for colour/pattern options, dimensions and to watch a video to see it in action.


Style options are:

  • Purple walking stick and spotty bag (£34.00)
  • Purple walking stick and mulberry bag (£34.00)
  • Navy walking stick and blackwatch bag (£34.00)
  • Navy walking stick and sausage dog bag (£34.00)
  • Navy walking stick and garden bird nag (£34.00)
    Navy walking stick and jungle bag (£34.00)
  • Navy walking stick and marigold indigo bag (£40.00)
  • Navy walking stick and herringbone bag (£34.00)
  • Bronze walking stick and golden lily bag (£40.00).

The stick height can be adjusted from 82cm to 94cm with 3cm increments between notches.

Stick diameter is 20mm tapering to 17mm and weighs 350g. The Blue Badge Company sticks can support up to 100kg and have been compression tested.

Storage bag dimensions: (L)13cm x (H) 26cm x (D) 1cm.

Box dimensions: (L) 13cm x (H) 34cm x (D) 4cm.


Design and Colour Options

Purple Stick + Spotty Bag, Purple Stick + Mulberry Bag, Navy Stick + Blackwatch Bag, Navy Stick + Sausage Dog Bag, Navy Stick + Garden Bird Bag, Navy Stick + Jungle Bag, Navy Stick + Marigold Indigo Bag, Navy Stick + Herringbone Bag, Bronze Stick + Golden Lilly Bag


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