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Stylish patterned Blue Badge holder

£12.00£25.00 Inc. VAT

Display your stylish patterned Blue Badge holder with confidence and style.

This exclusive Blue Badge Company Hologram Safe © design ensures that holograms on permits are never covered, protecting them from damage and complying with Department for Transport guidelines.

Each holder includes a free timer clock, made with superior plastic cogs and can be dialled without removal.

With quality woven into the fibre, this beautiful collection of traditional and modern designs has enduring sophistication.

These Blue Badge Company holders are a pleasure to use and guarantee your permit is displayed legally and protected from damage.

Scroll down for style options and sizes.


Style options are:

  • Blackwatch tartan (£18.00)
  • Nelly (£18.00)
  • Meow (£18.00)
  • Purple spotty (£14.40)
  • Mulberry rose (£18.00)
  • Garden birds (£18.00)
  • Sausage dog (£18.00)
  • Busy bees (£18.00)
  • Jungle (£18.00)
  • Pink panama (£15.00)
  • Navy drill (£15.00)
  • Purple drill (£15.00)
  • Burgundy panama (£12.00)
  • Marigold indigo (£25.00)
  • Golden lily (£25.00)
  • Highlander bonny (£20.00)
  • Herringbone (£20.00)

Closed size: 20cm x 15cm.
Open size: 40cm x 15cm.


Blackwatch Tartan, Nelly, Meow, Purple Spotty, Mulberry Rose, Garden Birds, Sausage Dog, Busy Bees, Jungle, Pink Panama, Navy Drill, Purple Drill, Burgundy Panama, Marigold Indigo, Golden Lily, Highlander Bonny, Herringbone


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