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The Able Label

introducing The Able Label – a clothing retailer with a difference. Our clothes are not only stylish and comfortable, but they have also been specifically designed to make dressing easier for those with physical and cognitive needs.

Katie Ellis was inspired to create The Able Label when her grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and struggled with dressing. Katie realised that there were no stylish options available that also addressed the practical needs of those with dressing difficulties.

Thus, The Able Label was born. Creating a range of high-quality garments that features discreet adaptive designs, innovative fastenings, and hidden extras that make dressing easier for those with restricted movement or lack of finger dexterity. These clothes also consider the needs of caregivers, making assisted dressing quicker, easier, and safer.

To encourage self-confidence and independence for those with dressing difficulties. When you wear Able Label clothes, no one will know they are adapted – it’s our secret!

Whether you or someone you care for has dressing difficulties, The Able Label is here to help.

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