Rob Smith: designer of the Active Hands gripping aids

Rob Smith is a disabled entrepreneur and sportsman who designed the Active Hands gripping aids, which allow people with limited hand function or an upper limb difference to grip everyday items with ease. Our writer, Emma Purcell, got the opportunity to interview Rob Smith about living with his disability, designing the Active Hands gripping aids, competing as a wheelchair rugby player and long-distance racer, and being a disabled parent.  Read more... “Rob Smith: designer of the Active Hands gripping aids”
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Review of the Greeper Sports shoelaces

Tying shoelaces can be incredibly hard for people with disabilities, especially those with poor motor skills and dexterity issues. Today Zec Richardson, a blogger and reviewer at Satonmybutt, is reviewing the Greeper Sports shoelaces and talks about how they can give disabled people more independence. To purchase Greeper Sports shoelaces head to the Disability Horizons Shop For many people, tying shoes comes naturally, but for some laces can be so problematic that they have to wear velcro fastening footwear. … Read more... “Review of the Greeper Sports shoelaces”