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Tabard-style adult bib


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  • Stylish clothing protector for adult men and women
  • Provides the attractive and dignified look of a tabard
  • Waterproof protection behind soft and absorbent fabric
  • Available in a range of sophisticated colours
  • Includes long-lasting, sprung steel, snap fasteners
  • Made with its own high-quality PRO80™ fabric and machine washable at 80°C

Care Designs’ tabard-style adult bib offers the best in modern, comfortable and dignified design combined with long-lasting materials.

Made with its own high-quality PRO80™ fabric – which is machine washable at 80°C – it is 100% waterproof, absorbent, strong, virtually stain proof, wonderfully soft, flexible and comfortable to wear.

The designs have a subtle, over-the-shoulder shape, which provides the attractive and dignified look of a tabard but with a short back, making it an easy shape to put on and take off.

The tabard has wide shoulder coverage and is ergonomically shaped on the front to enable free arm movement at mealtimes.

It has long-lasting, sprung steel, snap fasteners, which are reinforced to ensure they stay firmly fixed in place. These allow wide adjustment around the neck to suit most sizes.

The tabard-style adult bib has large pockets, which can be folded flat to the back, out of sight, if desired, and have a stretchy edging material for excellent comfort.

Please scroll down below for colour and size options. You can also get this tabard-style bib for children.

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Small – Torso length = 42cm/16.5” | Shoulder width = 34cm/13” | Body width = 28cm/11” | Neck circumference = 43-53cm/17-21”

Medium – Torso length = 56cm/22” | Shoulder width = 41cm/16” | Body width = 33cm/13” | Neck circumference = 44-58cm/17.5-23”

Large – Torso length = 76cm/30” | Shoulder width = 43cm/17” | Body width = 41cm/16” | Neck circumference = 47-52cm/18.5-24.5”

You can also get this tabard-style bib for children or as a neckerchief style clothing protector.


  • Burgundy
  • Blue
  • Navy Blue

 PRO80™ material

The bibs are tumble drier proof and machine washable up 80°C, so meet the Department of Health’s HSG (95)18 professional laundry requirements. This means they can be washed at high temperatures for guaranteed sterility to kill MRSA, C-Dif and other bacteria.

The tabards will stay clean and smart looking much longer than traditional bibs and are very durable for added value.


Burgundy, Blue, Navy Blue


Small, Medium, Large

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