70% alcohol hydroalcoholic hand sanitiser gel


  • Dry-wash alcohol hand sanitising gel – no need for water, soap or towels
  • 70% alcohol content – proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria
  • Large, value-for-money size – 500ml bottle with pump-top lid
  • Quick and easy to use – simply rub generously over the hands until dry

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Fantastic value, large 500ml bottles of high-quality, hydroalcoholic hand sanitiser gel.

This hand sanitising gel is a trusted, proven waterless alternative to traditional hand-washing using soap and water, meaning that you can sanitise your hands quickly and easily, no matter the location.

The 70% alcohol content is guaranteed to kill 99.9% of all known viruses, germs and bacteria – to provide you with peace of mind in these unprecedented times.

Please note, soap and water work best to break down the fatty layer of the Covid-19 virus, which deactivates it and allows it to be washed away. But if soap and water are not available, a sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol should be used.

You will need to use more than you would with soap to ensure you have covered all of your hands. Make sure you massage it in as you would soap and do so for at least 20 seconds.

This product is in stock, but in high demand. For larger orders than 50 items, please email for bulk pricing.

We can help schools, care agencies or any other organisation achieve large order quantities or weekly supplies with very competitive pricing.

These hand sanitisers have been sourced by the Disability Horizons Shop from a reputable PPE supplier.

Please scroll down for advice on Direct Payment or Continuing Healthcare budgets to help pay for PPE, and links to further reading how to keep safe from Covid-19 and what PPE to choose.


Due to the unprecedented changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government has allowed flexible use of Direct Payments and Continuing Healthcare budgets.

If you employ any assistants or staff for your care, this includes the ability for you to buy PPE. Please check with local guidance to see if this applies to you and your Direct Payment or Continuing Healthcare budget.

Can I use my direct payment to buy PPE for PAs I employ?

If your existing direct payment contains funding to purchase PPE for your PA, you should continue to use that funding to purchase PPE. If you, or your PA, cannot obtain PPE in this way, or your direct payment is not set up to fund PPE, you should ask for assistance from the local authority or CCG that provides your direct payment who should help you to get the PPE you require.Department of Health & Social Care

If you’re not sure what type of PPE is best for you, your family or health and care workers, visit our comprehensive guide to personal protective equipment

Read our guide to keeping safe if you use carers/PAs for more advice on how to minimise the risk of getting Covid-19.

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