Peta Easi-Grip

Peta Easi-Grip garden cultivator

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The Easi-Grip garden cultivator has been designed to make gardening easier and less strenuous for those with painful joint conditions or limited mobility in the hands and wrists.

The ergonomic, extra-wide, non-slip handle makes gripping easy for those who struggle with hand dexterity. It has been specifically angled in a way to provide a more natural position for the hands and wrists whilst in use, to eliminate discomfort and straining.

The Easi-Grip garden cultivator is crafted from durable, quality stainless steel – ensuring the tool turns soil with less effort, helping you to avoid strain-related gardening ailments such as blisters or applying too much demand on delicate wrist and hand joints.

The Easy-Grip Cultivator can be teamed with the Easi-Grip gardening arm cuff (sold separately) to provide extra support and comfort whilst enjoying your usual gardening activities.

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