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SupaCush pressure relief cushion for chronic and intense pain

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  • Professional heavy duty quality – the SupaCush pneumatic cushion provides equal pressure relief, ideal for those who suffer with pain from prolonged sitting
  • Provides comfort for those who suffer with haemorrhoids, coccyx pain, prostate pain, fissures, bedsores and other discomforts
  • Made in the UK to ISO 9001:2008 standard as require by the NHS
  • Universal design suitable for wheelchair and mobility scooter use
  • Fully adjustable, inflatable design offers longer, firmer support than memory foam cushions
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Doubles up as a lumbar support, travel pillow or massage face support

The SupaCush is the ideal pneumatic pressure relief cushion for those who suffer with intense pain from prolonged sitting.

The SupaCush is inflatable, this allows you to adjust the amount of air in the cushion so that it is exactly to your comfort.

Air-filled products like the SupaCush are far superior to their memory foam counterparts, as when pressure is applied, the cushion supplies counter pressure to other areas. This results in the pressure on each point being equal – providing maximum comfort.

The SupaCush is also lightweight and portable. You can use it on your wheelchair, in your car, on long flights and much more.

The design of the SupaCush prevents overheating and adapts well to any seat curvature. The rectangular multi-tube design helps provide stability together with padded comfort.

The front and back edges are ergonomically sculpted with shaped inflated rolls, to maximise comfort to the thighs.

The SupaCush is very versatile, and can be used for more than just a bottom cushion. With the central slot positioned vertically and the two outer rolls underneath, your face will be fully supported when the the SupaCush is used as a massage cushion. You can also turn the lower roll up to create a wedge shape – this is great for use as a back support.

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  • Model: Product6
  • Weight: 12.50g
  • Size: 47cm x 45cm

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