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‘Extra time for door opening’ disabled sign


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Clear, round, 88mm sticker that says: “Please allow extra time for door opening duties”.

Fixings: Adhesive or Static Cling (see below for more detail)

Adhesive fixing:

This permanent adhesive on the back of the sticker will stick to all smooth, solid, surfaces (windows, doors, car paintwork, wheelchair frames, books etc.) except for some low energy plastics such as car bumpers and ABS plastics.

These waterproof vinyl stickers have a matt finish which gives a ‘frosted’ effect.

Static fixing:

Our clear window stickers require no adhesive at all. Both sides are electrostatically charged and can be stuck to smooth surfaces with a slight bit of moisture, much like a tax disk holder on a car window. When placed on the inside of a window, the static charge is strong enough for your window stickers to stay in place for may years if left untouched. If they are moved and re-stuck, the static charge will be reduced, and may fail.

Static cling stickers are transparent.


Colours will vary from those shown on screen, and due to the printing process, static cling stickers are slightly lighter.

The stickers are clear, with a white under print to enhance to colour visibility and increase opacity (colours would otherwise be extremely translucent), so they are slightly white-ish if seen from the back, and if placed over strong or dark coloured surfaces, the colour of the surface will show through. We have included a photo of all the colours on a black background and a white background to give an idea of what this looks like. (Please note that photos on your screen won’t be exactly the same as real life).


Permanent Adhesive, Static Cling

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