Muggi mug and cup holder

£14.95 £8.95 Inc. VAT

Our Muggi mug and cup holder is an innovative multi-cup holding tray, which features a unique design that can be carried one-handed. It is also non-slip and captures unwanted spillages – providing a safe, steady tray ideal for home or work.

The Muggi is crafted from a unique material that is non-absorbent to ensure it remains clean and dry, yet the design caters for spillages which will be captured in the Muggi itself.

The Muggi is non-slip and features indentations for finger and thumb, ensuring it can be carried safely and easily with one hand, making it ideal for people of all ages and dexterity. Extremely tough, guaranteed for 88 years by the manufacturer!

Works brilliantly with a Trabasack wheelchair lap trays tray to carry drinks around the home.

Dimensions 20.6 × 19.6 × 7.4 cm

Blue, Red, Black Recycled, Purple


Safely carry multiple cups, Ideal for use at home, work or away, Insulated, non-slip, easy clean material, Compatible with most mugs

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