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Now is.. Symptom wristband – Communicate your feelings without speaking


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The ‘Now is..’ symptom wristband allows you to let people know how you are feeling without them asking, or you having to explain.

This double sided band solves two key issues for many people living with hidden disabilities. Firstly, if you don’t speak about your symptoms, people never know how you feel and how best to help you. But if you do speak about your feelings, they may stop listening because you are always, in their view, “complaining”.

Secondly, the time when you most need someone to understand that you are struggling is often the time you are least able to explain. By flipping the wristband to change the message, you can communicate your symptom level quickly and easily – taking away the need for guesswork, and the pressure and anxiety of needing to update everyone.

Orange: “Now is not too bad, but I need to be careful.”

Red: “Now is tough, but things will improve.”

Each side features an appropriate stickman face.

The Now is.. Symptom Wrist Band is made of two layers of coloured silicone, with embossed designs highlighted in white ink. Because it is embossed, the ink should not rub off easily.

Available in small and medium, see the size guide below.

Width of band: 24mm

Circumference of medium wristband: approx. 20 cm (the standard size for most silicone wristbands.)

Circumference of small wristband: approx.18 cm (likely to fit a teenager or slim adult wrist)

Note: Because these bands are extra wide and double thickness, they are less stretchy than average so it can be harder to get them over your hand.


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