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In-Situ Deluxe Leg & Head Support Sling – Slivalea


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  • Designed to provide full body support on transfer
  • Adjustable integral head support with removable stiffeners
  • Shaped leg sections provide full femur & hip support
  • Easy to apply with low-friction fabric to leg areas for ease of application
  • Soft binding as standard
  • Fixed colour-coded loops or Silva-Safety Slot® tapes for secure attachment
  • Sling can be left in-situ after transfer, subject to appropriate risk assessment
  • Washable at 71°C/159°F
  • Tumble dry on low heat (max 50°C)

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Introducing the In-Situ Deluxe Leg & Head Support: your ultimate solution for safe and comfortable full body support during transfers. Designed by Silvalea, a trusted name in quality healthcare products, this innovative sling is engineered to meet the unique needs of individuals requiring assistance with mobility.

The In-Situ Deluxe Leg & Head Support is equipped with adjustable integral head support featuring removable stiffeners. This allows for customized comfort and optimal positioning, ensuring maximum support for the head and neck. The head support can be easily adjusted to accommodate various user preferences and requirements.

To provide comprehensive support, this sling features specially shaped leg sections that offer full femur and hip support. These sections are meticulously designed to cradle the legs, providing stability and security during transfers. The thoughtful design of the sling prioritizes user comfort and safety, making it an ideal choice for caregivers and healthcare professionals.

In-Situ Deluxe Leg & Head Support doesn’t cause any chaffing on the legs, thanks to its low-friction fabric on the leg areas. The fabric facilitates smooth and effortless application, reducing any potential discomfort for the individual being assisted. Additionally, soft binding is included as a standard feature, further enhancing user comfort and ensuring a gentle touch against the skin.

For added convenience, this sling is equipped with fixed colour-coded loops or Silva-Safety Slot® tapes. These intuitive indicators assist in quick and accurate attachment to the lift or hoist, streamlining the transfer process and minimizing the risk of errors. The sling is designed to be reliable and user-friendly, allowing caregivers to focus on providing exceptional care without any unnecessary complications.

Once the patient has been safely transferred, the In-Situ Deluxe Leg & Head Support can be left in place, provided an appropriate risk assessment has been conducted. This feature saves valuable time and effort during subsequent transfers, promoting efficiency and convenience for both the caregiver and the individual receiving care.

Silvalea prioritizes hygiene and durability, which is why the In-Situ Deluxe Leg & Head Support is designed to withstand rigorous cleaning. The sling is washable at a temperature of 71°C/159°F, ensuring thorough sanitation. It can also be tumble dried on low heat, with a maximum temperature of 50°C, allowing for quick and efficient drying.

Invest in the In-Situ Deluxe Leg & Head Support from Silvalea and experience the pinnacle of comfort, safety, and convenience. This exceptional product will revolutionize your transfer procedures, providing unparalleled support for individuals in need while easing the workload for caregivers. Choose Silvalea and discover a new standard in healthcare excellence.



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