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5 useful or unique PPE items on the Disability Horizons Shop

Woman wearing a surgical mask and eye protection

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK, personal protective equipment (PPE) has been much talked about and often in short supply. If you’re disabled or have a health condition and use carers or personal assistance, PPE is likely to be even more important. 

On the Disability Horizons Shop, we’ve been able to get a range of PPE – including aprons, masks, gloves and face shields – to help with the demand. Here, we round up 5 items that are particularly useful or unique.

If you’re not sure what type of PPE you need, visit our comprehensive guide to PPE explained.

Antibacterial fabric face mask

Antibacterial cloth face masks

Unlike many other reusable cloth face masks, these water-resistant masks are able to kill 80% of surface bacteria thanks to nano-silver technology.

They also help to prevent the spread of viruses from droplets coughed or sneezed by the wearer, and help to stop large droplets from reaching the wearer’s mouth or nose or from being inhaled.

Lightweight and comfortable, they have robust ear loops for a secure fit and are available in 3 different sizes, including for children. They are also made from eco-friendly fabrics using no harmful chemicals, and can be washed up to 50 times.

Find out more about how these antibacterial fabric face masks work.

Make sure you know the rules around wearing face masks in the UK by reading our guide. If you’re exempt from wearing one because of a disability or health condition, get one of our face mask exemption cards.

Filter face mask

KN95 filter face mask

These KN95 filtration masks, which are made from 5 layers of material, are lightweight, comfortable and breathable, and designed to fit snuggly across the mouth, nose and jaw to provide everyday protection.

As well as helping to prevent the spread of viruses in large droplets coughed or sneezed, like the mask above and surgical/medical masks do, these masks offer additional protection by filtering out small droplets.

They can filter at least 95% of particulates as small a 0.3 microns breathed in by the wearer.

Find out more about these KN95 face masks and its filter.

For more on the differences between the face mask types, visit our full guide to face masks.

Extra-thick plastic apron

PPE white plastic apron

These disposable aprons are made of extra-thick polythene material and are 50% thicker than the NHS standard.

They are waterproof, so help to stop splashes from bodily fluids, and help to limit any virus particles transferring from the wearer.

The sizing is universal, with waist ties to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for everyone.

You can buy these extra-thick aprons on their own or in large packs of 100 or 250.

Visit our guide to keeping safe from Covid-19 when using carers or PAs for tips on what you can do to minimise the risks.

Full-face shield

Man wearing a face shield

This full-face shield/visor, which unlike a lot of other PPE is made in the UK, will shield your entire face from large droplets and splashes.

It gives 180 degrees of protection, is scratch-resistant, transparent and also anti-fog, to help provide clear vision. Made from high-quality materials, it can be cleaned with antibacterial products and reused over-and-over again.

The ergonomic design, teamed with latex-free foam forehead padding and velcro-adjustable headband, provide a secure yet comfortable fit.

Find out more about this full-face shield, as well as additional information on paying for PPE if you employ assistants or staff for your care.

Plastic gloves

Extra-long plastic gloves

There are so many types of plastic gloves out that there it’s hard to know which to choose. We have two on the Disability Horizons Shop that are clearly distinct from each other and suited to different tasks.

Both the thick Protect gloves and softer Comfort gloves are made from Nitrile – a synthetic rubber that is both latex-free and powder-free.

They’re also both extra-long to cover the wrist as well as hand, and have textured fingers for tactile sensitivity whilst also ensuring grip.

Where they differ is that the Protect gloves are more robust, durable and tight-fitting, offering protection during tricky tasks and against viruses, biohazards and even some chemicals.

The Comfort gloves are thinner and more lightweight but still fit snugly. This makes them more comfortable and offers extra sensitivity, so are ideal for delicate tasks or wearing for longer periods of time.

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