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Crystal Gaze plastic face shield

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  • Slim, light and elegant – unlike other more cumbersome PPE
  • Offers protection against droplets coughed, sneezed or expelled when talking
  • Ideal for everyday environments, such as shops, hairdressers, pubs etc
  • High visibility and almost invisible – wearer can be seen clearly making it perfect for people in customer/public-facing roles such as teachers, salespeople and hospitality staff
  • Gives the wearer a fantastic field of crystal-clear vision without feeling like they’re wearing a heavy-duty or medical-looking shield
  • Made from very lightweight materials PC, APET and TPR, it is strong and durable – only 28g, ideal for long term use at work or whilst out
  • Unisex for both women and men
  • This faceshield can be worn with glasses very comfortably

The Crystal Gaze is a full-face shield/visor ideal for environments where social distancing may not be possible – such as shops, hair salons, pubs, restaurants and cafes – to help minimise the risk of infection from Covid-19 for both the wearer and others around them.

It is clear and lightweight, making communication easier and more natural, and its unique design enables the wearer to sip a drink or have nibbles while out socialising.

The Crystal Gaze is ideal for people needing to do detailed, precision work and also those with visual impairments, as the visor offers a clear field of vision and excellent clarity.

Its innovative design also means it’s more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Instead of fastening around the back of the head, like with most face shield, the Crystal Gaze is worn like a pair of lightweight over-glasses, with a face shield attached. If you wear glasses these are placed over the top of your existing glasses.

Unlike other visors that attach around the back of the head, the Crystal Gaze does not ruin hairstyles or feel cumbersome, and has more of a visual appeal as it strays from the ‘medical look’ of traditional visors.

Users of the traditional types have reported finding foam-backed designs very hot. The Crystal Gaze only makes contact with the skin where ordinary glasses would do.

It can be easily cleaned using a microfibre cloth and high-proof isopropanol/isopropyl alcohol disinfectant, making it reusable.

You can also purchase a spare sheet for the visor to have a replacement when it needs cleaning or after inevitable wear and tear from long term use. The Crystal Gaze visors are quick and easy to swap during busy work shifts and in fast-paced business environments.

It is affordable and means much less waste than other shields or masks, making the Crystal Gaze, in our opinion, the best face shield/visor on the market.

If you need to purchase spare or replacement visors for your Crystal Gaze please see our spare Crystal Gaze visors page.

Please note: This visor must not be used to protect against mechanical parts, flying sparks, chips, flames or carrying out work that requires specialist protection.

Depending on the quality of the cleaning cloth, scratches can appear over time. Always clean the visor on a flat surface and protect the surface with a cloth underneath (for example, kitchen roll).

If you are looking for a more heavy-duty shield, see our other reusable medical-grade face shield and laboratory-standard face shield.


These products are recommended for people in work – particularly consumer-facing jobs, such as hairdressers and shops – or social environments where social distancing isn’t possible, including pubs and restaurants.

However, they can also help people with carers and personal assistants, or for smaller care agencies or organisations who are finding it difficult to obtain appropriate PPE from other sources.

We also support people with disabilities, health conditions or those in ‘clinically vulnerable’ groups and their families who wish to choose a higher level of personal protection than the Government is recommending for the general public.

If you are looking for a more heavy-duty shield, see our other reusable medical-grade face shield and laboratory-standard face shield.

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Crystal Gaze and visor, Crystal Gaze and 3 visors (save £2), 20 x Crystal Gaze and visor (save £19), 50 x Crystal Gaze and visor (save £97.50)

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