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Montmorency cherry extract (60 capsules)

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  • Montmorency cherry is a superfood rich in anthocyanins, melatonin and other nutrients, including vitamin A, C and K
  • Uses include – sleep aid, recovery from sport, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and improve brain health and the immune system
  • 100% vegetarian

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The increasingly popular superfood Montmorency cherry, also known as tart or dwarf cherry, freeze-dried into a concentrated capsule. It is rich in anthocyanins and melatonin.

Montmorency cherry is rich in nutrients including vitamin A, C and K, manganese, copper and potassium. It may increase muscle strength, improve sleep, reduce symptoms of arthritis and gout and improve brain health and the immune system.

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Our Montmorency cherry typically provides:

  • Montmorency Cherry Powder 435mg
  • Providing 25μg/g  Melatonin 10.875μg – equivalent to fresh cherries 4350mg

Please note, Montmorency cherry also contains quercetin, which can interact with some medications, particularly blood thinners. We recommend that you check with a health professional that a Montmorency cherry supplement is suitable for your age, health condition and/or other medications.

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