EasyTravelseat airplane transfer chair

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The EasyTravelseat is an innovative travel seat designed to make airplane seat transfers quick, easy, comfortable and dignified.

  • Personal, compact travel seat and sling in one – transfer directly from wheelchair to aircraft seating with ease.
  • Manual handles, extension straps and looped hoist straps – large range of handles for stress-free, dignified lifts and transfers.
  • Comfortable and secure – available in four sizes with various heights of foam or gel cushion.
  • Accessory and strap pouches – keep your valuables and essentials to hand, and straps neat and tidy
  • Modern, professional and discreet style – made from durable, quality fabrics with a two-year manufacturer warranty.

The EasyTravelseat gives you a dignified alternative to being carried by staff under the arms and legs. It provides a smooth, simple, stress-free transfer as the chair itself can be carried using the attached manual handles or looped hoist straps.

Once the EasyTravelseat has been placed into your wheelchair, you are able to be transferred into it, where you can remain for the duration of your travel.

Once you are ready to board the aircraft, your wheelchair can be dismantled in good time before boarding and you can be transferred quickly and easily using the manual handles.

See dropdown menus for details of sizes and cushion types. It has a working load of up to 200kg.

UK VAT exemption available for those with qualifying conditions


Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Cushion Size/Type

14.5" Foam, 15" Foam, 15.5" Foam, 16" Foam, 16.5" Foam, 17" Foam, 17.5" Foam, 18" Foam, Gel, No Cushion – Sling Only

Cushion Height

2", 2.5", 0.5", No Cushion – Sling Only


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