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Special Offer: Flavonoid-rich cranberry supplement Double Pack (30 tablets x2)

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  • Uses include helping to maintain urinary health and prevent bladder infections
  • 100% vegetarian

Scroll down to read more information and the full ingredients list.

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Flavonoid-rich cranberries are well known for helping to maintain urinary health. Our cranberry supplement contains a super-concentrated extract.

This is a great alternative to drinking cranberry juice as the tablet contains the equivalent of 5000mg of fresh cranberry but without the sugar intake.

As well as urinary health, cranberry supplements are believed to benefit heart health, protect against stomach ulcers and cancers, improve blood sugars, support healthier teeth and gums and reduce systems of flu.

Read more information on the benefits of cranberries on Healthline.com.

Please note, these cranberry supplements do not cure urinary track infections (UTI) but they may help prevent regular infections. If you think you have a UTI, you should contact your GP who will likely prescribe you antibiotics.

Our flavonoid-rich cranberry supplements provide:

  • Cranberry plant extract (36:1) 139mg – equivalent to 5000mg of fresh cranberry
  • Quinic acid 10%
  • Total fatty acids 30%


* mg – milligrams

We recommend that you check with a health professional that a cranberry supplement is suitable for your age, health condition and/or other medications, particularly if you are on blood thinners, are allergic or sensitive to salicylates, and have a history of kidney stones.

Disability Horizons has partnered with a reputable UK company to bring you high-quality vitamins and supplements at an affordable price.


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