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Advanced bone formula supplement (60 capsules)

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  • Two tablets per day provide 100% NRV (nutrient reference value) of calcium, magnesium, vitamin K and vitamin D, depending on your weight
  • Useful for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, particularly for those with Osteoporosis, dietary requirements (e.g vegans), those who don’t get enough sunshine or other health conditions.
  • 100% vegetarian

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Our multi-nutrient advanced bone formula contains four vitamins and minerals vital for the development and maintenance of healthy bones.

Usually, a healthy balanced diet will help you build healthy bones from an early age and maintain them throughout your life.

According to the NHS, adults need 700mg of calcium a day, 10μg of vitamin D, between 270mg and 300mg of magnesium a day, and approximately 1μg of vitamin K a day for each kilogram of their body weight.

However, gaining these nutrients just by eating or sitting in the sun may not be possible for those with dietary requirements (e.g vegans), different ethnicities or health conditions. Therefore, our advanced bone formula may be a useful alternative.

These at-risk groups include:

  • people who are not often outdoors, for example, if they are frail, housebound or living in a care home
  • people who usually wear clothes that cover up most of their skin when outdoors
  • people with dark skin, such as those of African, African-Caribbean or South Asian origin.

For babies and children, see the NHS advice on vitamins for children.

Our advanced bone formula typically provides:

  • Vitamin D 2.5μg
  • Calcium 400mg
  • Magnesium 187.5mg
  • Vitamin K 37.5μg


* μg – micrograms
* mg – milligrams

We recommend that you check with a health professional that a bone formula supplement is suitable for your age, health condition and/or other medications.

Disability Horizons has partnered with a reputable UK company to bring you high-quality vitamins and supplements at an affordable price.


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