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  • Bealies joggers in navy photo of the joggers in full

    Bealies wheelchair joggers

    • Front-opening easy use zip for discreet and clean self-catheterisation.
    • Made from a super comfy soft cotton jersey, to keep you comfortable when sitting for long periods.
    • Easy dress Velcro fastenings at the waist.
    • Higher back coverage to protect your modesty during sitting and transfers.
    • Protective flap underneath the zip to protect your skin.
    • Practical side pocket for loose change and other essentials.
    • Available in three colours: black, navy blue and grey.
    • A wide range of waist sizes, including a slim fit for people with minimal muscle mass in their legs and thighs.
    • A choice of two leg lengths.
    • £54.96 with VAT Exemption for qualifying conditions.

    The Bealies adaptive joggers are specially designed for wheelchair users with easy dress Velcro fastenings.

    The unique Bealies design ensures full coverage when sitting and transferring and features a functional front-opening zip, which enables easy clean self-catheterising.

    The self-catheter zipped opening sits diagonally on the front of the joggers, providing a large area for catheterising as well as adding a discreet and stylish feature to the front of the joggers.

    The zip is a large plastic zip, which is easy to use with a protective flap underneath to protect the skin.

    The Bealies adaptive joggers are also designed with a higher back, providing full coverage to protect your modesty whilst sitting and transferring.

    The Bealies joggers are made with comfy soft cotton jersey with a large soft ankle cuff that can fit over the foot in most positions and sits comfortably.

    There is also a side pocket is also included on the thigh for style, and practicality.

    UK VAT exemption available for those with qualifying conditions UK VAT exemption available for those with qualifying conditions

    To read more about the background and journey of Bealies adaptive wear founder Caron, scroll down below.